Workshops & Training

Our training and educational workshops are engaging learning experiences for teams, managers, and individuals to improve their knowledge, skills, and behaviours in the work environment – with practical steps for real world implementation.  Every workshop is tailored specifically to the learning and development needs of the participants.

Our range of  topics include:

  • Motivating teams
  • Managing a hybrid workforce
  • Building and leveraging resilience

  • Identifying and leveraging strengths in the workplace
  • Building a growth mindset and developing the strength of curiosity
  • Well-being
  • Job crafting – an employee-driven work design process, which encourages better role clarity and thinking differently about work and roles. This process has been widely validated by research to engage and motivate employees.

  • Positive communication

In many cases pre- and post-training assessments will be utilised to serve as KPIs for the effectiveness of the training.

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