Organisational Change

We support organisations to manage and deliver change programmes that arise through events such as organisational restructures, mergers & acquisitions or relocating of offices i.e. any change initiatives that may result in organisational redesign or changes in business operations, which will undoubtedly impact employee welfare and performance.

The Appreciative Inquiry process is an evidence-based collaborative approach that uncovers the root causes of successes rather than failure.

This approach helps foster resourcefulness, creating affirmative, energising conversations that are proven to drive organisational performance, learning and change.

The 5-D Cycle of Appreciate Inquiry involves:

  • Defining the issue/focus of the inquiry
  • Discovering what already works well (forms the bases of developing strategic advantage as opposed to simply differentiating from competitors)
  • Dreaming – considering the possibilities of “what might be”
  • Designing and determining “what should be”
  • Delivering “what will be”

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