Culture Assessment

Corporate culture can be defined as ‘the way we do things around here’ or ‘what people do when no one is looking’ and is a key driver of conduct in any organisation.  It encompasses everything from the purpose, values, beliefs, attitudes, systems and rules that outline and influence leadership and employee behaviours.

It is also the key driver of high-performing, successful organisations.

But culture doesn’t just happen – it needs to be managed. ‘What gets measured, gets managed’ (Peter Drucker) and the first step in this process is understanding and finding a common language for the culture in your organisation.

We use the Competing Values Framework – a well-researched, validated and established research model to assess culture. Our 3-step process involves:

  • Profiling your team, function and organisational cultural traits through six dimensions, which assess the existing culture as well as your desired one.
  • Interpreting the results and working with your teams to understand and define what they mean for your organisation.
  • The third step is developing training or coaching programmes to address the behavioural changes and people development needed to achieve and adapt to the desired culture.

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